How are my brows?

Eyebrows have been through a lot over the years. From the thin, pencil line trend of the ’90s to the full bodied, grown out look that every girl is trying to get right now, there’s no one look that’s best for everyone. While we’re partial to going bold and dark, other ladies target more of a natural, thin look. Whichever thickness you prefer though, there’s one constant that always comes into play: Shape.

Your own face shape will determine the shape of your eyebrows, but there are a few key areas where you should be paying particular attention.

Where should the brow begin and end?
Simply make sure your eyebrows fully frame your eyes. If in doubt where your brow should begin, it’s better to have them a little too close together than too far apart. The back end should extend past your outer eye, but not so far down that it visually drags your eyes down and not so short that the eyebrow looks stubby. The arch should be directly below the highest point of your brow, where it peaks.

Is there a way to tell where you should shape on top vs. on bottom?
Most shaping is done below the brow. From above the brow, only remove those hairs that are not part of the hairline or brow line, but are just fuzzying things up.

What’s the best way to shape brows besides plucking?
Always trim excess length before tweezing. Brush brow hairs up and then down to assess which direction shows the most excess length. If either direction reveals gaps in your brow, brush it the opposite direction to trim.

How can you tell you’re going too thin? How can you tell the brows are too thick?
It’s very difficult to be objective with your own face. Always take a conservative approach when shaping your brows. You can always remove more the next day if you decide you need to. A good policy is to get them done professionally and then follow that line. A professional can look at you objectively and make sure your brows are at their optimum thickness.



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